St John’s

st-johnsIt is likely that St. John’s church was founded in the 12th century. It is first mentioned by name in the 13th century, when it belonged to the abbey of St. Fromond in Normandy.

Today it is almost hidden away behind shops, squeezed in between the commercial properties of High Street and St. Mary’s Street.

It was rebuilt all of a piece, c.1451, one of 2 churches in Stamford to be almost complete examples of Perpendicular style work. Because most of the church is so hidden, it is startling to enter and discover how large it is inside. Don’t forget to look up when inside; the carved angel roof is one of St. John’s features.

There was some rebuilding in the 19th century, including the east and west windows, and the pews were designed by Stamford architect Edward Browning in 1856.  St John’s parish merged into All Saints’ and services are held very rarely: the building is now managed by the Church Conservation Trust.