Urgent: help wanted

Nearly all the activities listed would welcome new volunteers (subject to safeguarding checks).  Please click through to the relevant website for contact details, or contact us.  There is one particularly pressing need that we would ask you to consider volunteering for:

Street Pastors Prayer Support.  

The Stamford Street Pastors are making an urgent  appeal to find more Prayer Pastors, who remain at base to support those going out on the street.  What should be a team of 6-8 has been reduced to 2 which means that Street Pastors sometimes go out without the backing of prayer.  This role is vital and has seen miracles happen as the Street Pastors phone back to the Prayer Pastors at base when they come across an incident that needs prayer.  Prayer Pastors also pray for the overall wellbeing of the Street Pastors, ambulance workers, police etc and everyone else out on a Saturday night.

The ideal prayer will be available once per month on a Saturday night from 9pm until 3am.  If God is calling you to this the Holy Spirit will keep you awake and rejoice with you so don’t panic about being too tired!  The testimony of Prayer Pastors past and present has been that they thoroughly enjoy this time of peace with the Lord.  You can pray in your own way and there’s plenty of tea and cake to feed the body while Jesus feeds the soul. Get in touch with Liz Goodwin to find out more on stamford@streetpastors.org.uk

There are also urgent pleas for other kinds of help:

Warehouse for Stamford Household Essentials Project (SHEP)

SHEP collects and donates furniture and kitchen appliances to families and individuals in need. SHEP is part of Churches Together via the Foodbank organisation in Stamford.  To date, nearly 40 people have been helped in this way.  SHEP has been asked to vacate its main store by May 2017 and we are now urgently searching for a new store.  The store would ideally be a minimum of 600 square feet floor area and within 10 miles of Stamford.

If you can help in any way, please contact Steve Twine at stamfordshep@gmail.com

For donations of furniture and appliances online visit www.donatetoshep.co.uk or call 07596 846761.  Call St George’s Church Office 01780 481800 regarding support for people in need.

Donations for Food Bank

We urgently need donations of a wide range of food and personal hygiene items.  From the start of the winter season we have seen a very significant increase in the number of vouchers being issued and the increase over last year is currently in excess of 30%. Families on already low disposable incomes are seeing reductions in benefits putting them in real hardship and unable to put food on the table. Homelessness, and people being rehoused into empty properties with no available cash, are also rising.

With the Stamford Tesco Metro store changing to an Express format it is no longer able to partner with us and this means that we have overnight lost about 15% of our food supply.  We need: Tinned tomatoes, Tinned meat (ie stew), Ham, Corned beef, Pasta, Tinned spaghetti, Long life fruit juice, Coffee, Puddings, Cereals, Pasta sauce, Savoury rice, Sanitary towels, Shampoo, Shower gel, Razors.

Donations can be delivered to All Saints Church hall (corner of Scotgate & West Street) on Monday mornings 9.30-11.00 or during normal operating hours (13.00-15.00 Mon, Wed & Fri). Other arrangements can be made if you contact the food bank.