Urgent: help wanted

Nearly all the activities listed would welcome new volunteers (subject to safeguarding checks).  Please click through to the relevant website for contact details, or contact us.  There is one particularly pressing need that we would ask you to consider volunteering for:

Street Pastors Committee and Treasurer  

Do you care about Stamford Street Pastors?  Perhaps you can’t commit to becoming a Street Pastor but would still like to help and be involved in this community initiative?

Stamford Street Pastors are looking for new committee members.  No street pastor experience is necessary but some management or decision making background or skills would be an advantage. As a registered charity we take guidance from our licensing body, the Ascension Trust.  All local decisions are made by the committee and we are responsible for the welfare of our street and prayer pastors, local procedures and finances. The commitment required is attendance at our evening meetings once every six to eight weeks, and a genuine interest and passion for the Street Pastors vision. Our Chairman, Treasurer and Co-ordinator undertake the majority of tasks, but additional support from new committee members would be appreciated.

We are also seeking specifically a Treasurer.  If this is an area you have experience in we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with Liz Goodwin to find out more on stamford@streetpastors.org.uk


Donations for Food Bank

We urgently need donations of a wide range of food and personal hygiene items.  From the start of the winter season we have seen a very significant increase in the number of vouchers being issued and the increase over last year is currently in excess of 30%. Families on already low disposable incomes are seeing reductions in benefits putting them in real hardship and unable to put food on the table. Homelessness, and people being rehoused into empty properties with no available cash, are also rising.

With the Stamford Tesco Metro store changing to an Express format it is no longer able to partner with us and this means that we have overnight lost about 15% of our food supply.  We need: Tinned tomatoes, Tinned meat (ie stew), Ham, Corned beef, Pasta, Tinned spaghetti, Long life fruit juice, Coffee, Puddings, Cereals, Pasta sauce, Savoury rice, Sanitary towels, Shampoo, Shower gel, Razors.

Donations can be delivered to All Saints Church hall (corner of Scotgate & West Street) on Monday mornings 9.30-11.00 or during normal operating hours (13.00-15.00 Mon, Wed & Fri). Other arrangements can be made if you contact the food bank.